Field Drive System® - Decentralized Drive Automation

Fields of application: Conveyor Technology, Intralogistics Facilities, Transfer Systems, Material transport in Production facilities, Airport logistics, Transport logistics and Central Warehouse
Power output: 0.75 kW per Motor
Product: Motorsoftstarter DUO-SOFT-SWITCH Field Drive System®

Product description

Minimum effort – Maximum gain: The decentralized Motormanagement System Field Drive System® is a reliable Intralogistics-Tool. The consistent integration of energy distribution along with state-of-the-art quick plug-in technology makes the set-up times substantially shorter, and helps saving the invested resources and reduces the investment costs of your conveyor system.

The energy distribution for 3x400 VAC takes place via the integrated energy distributor. Additional sensors can be attached to the equipment along with numerous bus communication modules. The signals are reported directly to the plant control centre at no additional cost and get processed from there onward.

The Motor-Softstarter DUO-SOFT-SWITCH Field Drive System® finds its application particularly where two drive systems without change in RPM have to be switched on and off softly (as per application).

This starter is usually applied for the soft on-off switching of two independent three-phase AC asynchronous motors for turntables, elevators, and so forth.

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