Frequency inverters for trams and subways

Field of application: Ventilation control or climate control in trams, subways, trains
Power output: 1.5kW

Product description

The VECTOR 20-Railway is a real alternative to all conventional control devices for the control and regulation of ventilation systems in trams, subways, and trains.
The robust design and its permanently screwed connections allows for use in any application. With its compact design, the VECTOR 20 Railway can be mounted in any system. Its robust aluminium housing protects against EMC interference injections and against EMC interference emissions.

The VECTOR 20-Railway has been developed, tested and manufactured according to relevant standards for rail vehicles and meets the standards for environmental assessment. In addition, it is vibration-proof and shockproof.

The VECTOR 20-Railway can be controlled by the vehicle control via the screwed-on I/O module or via the integrated serial interface. Optionally, a CANopen communication bus is available.

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