• Karl-Ernst Vathauer founds MSF-Technik GmbH & Co. KG
  • Development and production of the first product for temperature collection and control of heating and cooling aggregates.


  • Development and production of the DC Motor regulator series MTR 101, MTR 201, MTR 203 and MTR 204
  • Focus of the business activities on conveyor systems technology applications
  • Implementation of the first customer-specific requirements


  • Design and production of the first frequency inverter VECON
  • Integration of the VECON frequency inverter into conveyor applications, packaging machines and bottle filling facilities


  • Development of the second frequency inverter generation SICON (first fully digital frequency inverter)
  • Integration of the second frequency inverter generation in further industrial applications


  • Establishment of the first own subsidiary company in Oborniki (Poland) / Opening up to the Polish market
  • Development of the third frequency inverter generation FUTURE DRIVE
  • Introduction of our own housing concept and focus on high protection classes.
  • Focus on conveyor applications, packaging machines and customer-specific requirements


  • Introduction of a Quality Management System according to DIN ISO 9000
  • Development of the first decentralised drive automation system for conveyor systems and intralogistics applications.
  • Introduction of energy and databus systems into vast, interlinked intralogistic systems


  • Development of VECTOR, the fourth frequency inverter generation, and focus on high equipment protection classes for decentralised automation of drive systems
  • Introduction of VECTOR into the market and integration into existing facilities for conveyor and packaging technology, as well as for customer-specific applications
  • Development and manufacture of drive systems for rail-bound vehicles (trams and subways)
  • Nominated for the Oskar the medium-sized businesses


  • Marc Vathauer joins the General Management of the company
  • The company gets renamed into MSF-Vathauer Drive Technology
  • Beginning of the development of Field Drive System®, the second decentralized drive automation solution for engine starter motors and frequency inverters
  • Opening of the third company location in Stuttgart as a sales division for Southern Germany


  • Expansion of the sales division to China and the UK
  • Introduction of the Field Drive System® into intralogistics applications


  • Further development of the Field Drive System® with additional function and communication modules
  • Expansion of the sales network to the Netherlands (BeNeLux), Austria, Singapore and Switzerland

2011 - 2015:

  • Development and production of energy-efficient, decentralised drive solutions
  • Development of the Energy Recovery System (ERS) for the recovery of excess drive energy into the facility network without intermediate storage
  • Expansion of the sales network to Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Norway, Poland and South Africa
  • Expansion of the sales location in Stuttgart
  • Awarded with the Industry Prize 2013, Innovation Prize OWL 2013, Transfer Prize 2014 and Innovator Award UK 2015