Solutions for conveyor belts

Transporting goods with conveyor belts, positioning work pieces, controlling winder driving systems, powering fan or pump drives, as well as filling beverage bottles require a high degree of know-how. Our products are the result of decades of experience in this field. We managed to incorporate for you our know-how of the electronic and mechanical drive systems to application processes. You can be sure to have chosen the right driving system, both for simple and complex tasks.

Our commitment:

  • Easy and fast installation and start-up by by PUSH-IN-clamps and unshielded motor wiring
  • Integrated safety features: two-fold motor protection, accidental restart protection and emergency stop switch
  • Easy and intuitive usability with two-button control system or set-point potentiometer
  • Multimounting in compact design

Your advantages:

  • PUSH-In clamps for power and motor wiring
  • Unshielded motor wiring up to 1 metre long (EMC-Set for longer motor wiring)
  • Two-fold motor protection
  • Easy two-button operating concept
  • 7-segment display for various settings (not depending on language)
  • Accidental restart stop
  • Built-in emergency stop (optional)
  • Built-in set-point potentiometer (optional)
  • High protection type
  • Compact Design
  • Multimounting


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