MSF Vathauer - the success story continues ...

Recognition for the Energy Recovery System (ERS) - Nomination for the Energy Efficiency Award in Berlin and award of the "Gold Medal" on the AUTOMATICON® in Poland

"Gold Medal" for the Energy-Recovery-System

"Gold Medal" for the Energy-Recovery-System

Geschäftsführer Marc Vathauer mit dem polnischem Vertrieb Sławomir Kurek und Hubert Hoffmann

Geschäftsführer Marc Vathauer mit dem polnischem Vertrieb Sławomir Kurek und Hubert Hoffmann

The German Corporate Energy Efficiency Initiative e.V. (DENEFF) awarded again this year, as part of an annual inaugural conference in Berlin, an energy efficiency price. This award, the "PERPETUUM 2016 - NEXT GENERATION", stands for innovative next-generation solutions.

MSF Vathauer drive technology came with the Energy Recovery System under the last 10 finalists of the Energy Efficiency Award. The Energy Recovery System thus proved to be an energetic solution for the next generation. The recognition of this potential reflects the innovative technology of the system and shows that MSF Vathauer Antriebstechnik with its products and solutions both technological and socially has taken the correct way. To meet the demands of the environment, sustainability and energy efficiency and to be supportive has let to the decision by the drive specialist MSF Vathauer to make an effective contribution with the Energy Recovery System.

Another success proved to be the AUTOMATICON® in Poland:

The AUTOMATICON® is Poland's largest automation fair, which takes place annually in Warsaw. Leading companies from around the world are represented there to present their latest products. The Gold Medal is an award, which is awarded at the Automation ® for the most innovative product. The winner of this year's "Gold Medal" is MSF Vathauer Polska with the Energy Recovery System (ERS).

For MSF Vathauer the award is an important signal. The basic idea behind this product is confirmed by such recognitions: Why should energy be burnet, if it can be fed back to the plant?
With the use of the ERS, energy can be saved which on one hand is an important advantage for the user, and secondly a supportive aspect for the environment.

The Energy-Recovery-System (ERS) allows it for AC- standard motors and servo drives to feed back energy directly without loss in new and existing production lines. Surplus energy is not converted by braking resistors into heat but returned by the ERS back into the system network without buffering, so that the total power consumption of your production is reduced.

This System allows as a result of the new technology an economical energy recovery - and this even at low power levels. Due to the circuit topology and connection technology, the use is possible both in new production and existing production lines for retrofitting. The ERS converts the excess energy with an efficiency of 98% and returns this without buffering back into the existing plant network.

The Energy Recovery System (ERS) is one of the innovative developments in drive technology. Where energy-crushing braking resistors have been used in the past, the ERS is used today.  Thus the technology of the braking resistors will be replaced.

To increase energy efficiency, the ERS can be applied in various production facilities. The location is everywhere where in production facilities, due to the process, electrical energy surplus arises, which so far only by means of inefficient braking resistors needed to be discharged in the form of heat. The applications can be found in intralogistics systems, high-bay warehouses, packaging equipment, printing machines, robotics and elevators and goods elevators.

The surplus energy produced in standard or servo motors is affected by the respective production process. The use of classical braking resistors reaches in modern production facilities its limitations. Through cutting-edge semiconductor technology and fast microprocessors, the ERS is able to feed back the excess energy without intermediate storage immediately into the system network. The ERS supports the new development of production systems in the area of ERP and Eco-design Directives. Even old manufacturing facilities respect. Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001) can the ERS bring to a new energy level.

The ERS is used also in applications where a standard asynchronous or servo drive is located.
Furthermore, both rotary and linear drive movements are covered by the Energy recovery system and these energetically optimized. Mentioned are, for example, Multi-axis robot, Delta robots, electric monorails, electric mobility (electric vehicles, e-bikes), rolling stock (rail, metro, tram). The ERS is aimed to manufacturer, operators and  uers of production plants, as well as manufacturers and operators of elevators and goods elevators.