New HYGIENICS series - catalog & downloads

Our new product catalog for the HYGIENICS sector and technical data for these products are now available for download. In the catalog you will find solutions made of and in stainless steel and aluminum in the categories of motors, gearboxes, frequency converters and special solutions. We offer you extensive information about product data, dimensions, technical parameters and further information.

The HYGIENICS series offers a large selection of product solutions made of stainless steel & aluminum.

We would like to inform you about our cross-sector "Hygienics" range, which is used wherever special hygienic requirements or circumstances prevail. Motors, gearboxes, frequency converters, special solutions - all made of stainless steel, in stainless steel housings or also in aluminum version.

Make a CLEAR decision - with Stainless Steel Solutions.

From now on you will find extensive information in our catalog for stainless steel drives, stainless steel motors, worm gears, single-stage gearboxes, bevel gears and helical gears. We also present our aluminum variants of motors, gears and worm gears.

We offer you a wide selection of suitable drives for your specific needs and boast a wide range of possible special solutions for your systems in and out of stainless steel. Convince yourself and talk to us, because stainless steel and aluminum are always a good choice when it comes to "making clear decisions".

The catalog is now available for download.

Are you interested in stainless steel or aluminum motors and need further technical data? The 2D / 3D files for stainless steel motors and 2D / 3D files for aluminum motors are now available for download.