Control locally and enjoy the advantages of Industry 4.0.

 - with the Field Drive System®

The system that thinks for itself!

Flexibility for the use was one of the most important characteristics in the development phase which has been taken into consideration in each system function. Using the menu items, different options can simplify the Field Drive System® of the production process and also enable more overview, flexibility and a greater degree of freedom for the user as well as the machine’s manufacturer. 


To control an industrial device locally, the production process should be simplified and provide more overview to the user. Motor management systems with integrated energy distribution save technology, installation time and resources via quick interconnect. This in turn reduces idle times and accelerates the project planning.

Your advantages:



- continuous program: Mono-Switch, Mono-Soft-Switch, Duo-Switch, Duo-Soft-Switch, Mono-Soft-Switch Reversible

- selection in communication buses: Profinet, Profibus, AS-Interface, 24V binary, Even Thinking*

- using “multi-mounting,” the Field Drive System® can be set in each optional position of the machine application and in individually desired installation positions

- energy is gripped through the power box at each optional Position



- manageable design

- space saving in the machine block

- new equipment can be designed more compact by machine manufacturers



- local controlling

- equipment availability is increased

- enables additional sensors that can send signals directly to the equipment control



- integrated energy distribution

- by using standardized sensor connectors, the sensors are connected directly to the motor starter and frequency converter without causing any additional costs

- due to the halogen-free, high-strength plastic housing, a ground wire tot he exterior housing is not required


  • FAST

- due to modernized quick connector technology, installation times and resources are saved

- project implementation is thereby accelerated

- idle times of the machine use are reduced



- matching accessories for individual applications: FDP Power Supply 24, Start-up Tools, Maintenance Switch, Copying Tool for Device Parameters, Safety Module




*Even Thinking: without using any higher-level equipment control, the autonomous product control already allows that all Even Thinking devices communicate among one another and forward the product via an internal intelligence.