Two-phase soft starting motor - SAZ

Field of application: Conveyor systems, Packaging machines, Fans, Mixers, Compressors
Power Output: 3,0kW
Product: Soft starting motor - SAZ

Product description

Applications which require a "clean" ramp-up can operate with efficient soft-starting devices. The SAZ is a two-phase controlled soft-starting device designed under the protection class IP20 for cabinet mounting and to be attached to a 35 mm standard rail in the control cabinet

Thanks to the terminal configuration suitable for switchgears, as well as the compact design the SAZ fits into any type of control cabinet and is also suited for retrofit systems.

The acceleration ramp and the motor's initial torque can be adjusted separately. The adjustable potentiometers are located behind the removable front cover. If the maximum current becomes effective after the adjustable acceleration ramp has elapsed, a relay contact will bridge both power semiconductors, so that the motor will be entirely driven by the main power supply.



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