Frequency inverters for vibratory conveyor systems

Field of application: Vibratory conveyor systems - circular and linear conveyors
Power output: 0.09 kW to 0.75kW

Product description

With the VECTOR 54-Vibrodrive we offer you the exactly those functions you need for the reliable control of circular as well as linear vibratory conveyors. With added value and nothing less!

The VECTOR 54-Vibrodrive is the ideal frequency inverter for the operation of circular and linear vibratory conveyors. Thanks to the robust aluminium housing, with IP45 the VECTOR 54 fits in at any point along the conveyor line. The integrated potentiometer for conveyor speed adjustment, as well as the built-in power switch, are further quality features that make this product very user-friendly.

The built-in LCD-display helps you when searching of the resonance frequency, at the start-up, maintenance or the change of transported material. This allows you to continue production within only a few minutes and ensures minimum downtimes.

Just connect the VECTOR 54-Vibrodrive to your system control via the optional profibus-interface, and from there you have access to all device and process parameters.



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