DC motor regulator

Field of application: Transportbänder, Wickelantriebe, Förderbänder, Verpackungsmaschinen
Power Output: 0.75kW

Product description

The MTR 203 offers you the exactly those basic functions you need for reliable speed control of your DC motors. It is the ultimate drive solution for simple conveyor belts or winder drives with extended features.
The MTR 203 is a compactly built DC motor regulator, which can be used both for permanent magnet-excited motors as well as for shunt motors. It is a device in circuit board version that can be built into control cabinets or other housings.

In the case of this DC motor regulator it is possible to have both an armature regulation as well as a tachometer feedback. The set value setting is achieved by a potentiometer or control voltage. The integrated adjustable current limiter protects the motor and regulator is accomplished by an, which protects the regulator from overloading.

This regulator is the ultimate solution for simple conveyor belts or winder drives.
As an option to the circuit board version, we can also deliver housing with protection class IP44 for decentralized machine assembly.

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