Frequency inverter VECTOR 54

Field of application: Conveyor systems, Conveyor belts, Intralogistics, packaging machines, mixers and Stirring devices
Power Output: 0.09 KW to 0.75 KW

Product description

The VECTOR 54 is a single-phase space-saving all-rounder frequency inverter for particular field applications. Due to its robust aluminium housing, this frequency inverter is particularly useful in dusty and moist environments.

It represents the ultimate drive traction solution in the power range between 0.09 kW and 2.2 kW, with a focus on speed control and regulation of asynchronous motors. This model features all elements of MSF-Vathauer renowned expertise, combing EMV-filter integration even in the smallest of  spaces, a robust system with high protection types and VECTOR regulation for precise positioning tasks or various field bus communications.

The protection type IP54 (optional IP66) requires no additional control cabinet. Furthermore, thanks to the "multi-mounting" strategy, the frequency inverter can be mounted at any position on the system.

As an option, the VECTOR 54 can also be supplied pre-mounted with connecting cables for power supply, motor and control. Customized versions are also available upon request.



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