Frequency inverter VECTOR eco

Field of application: Flat conveyors, Ascending conveyors, Angled conveyors and Z-conveyors, as well as Small Conveyor Belts, Hoppers and Roller beds
Power Output: 0.09 KW to 0.75 KW

Product description

The VECTOR eco with protection class IP44 is ready for use. Ideal for the following tasks: small and modular conveyor lines, packaging machines, fans and pumps - decentralized, with no control cabinet required.
Because of its sturdy aluminium housing, this frequency inverter is particularly useful in rough environments. It also provides a user-friendly operation and handling of the speed control of asynchronous motors.

Thanks to the performance scaling of only one size 0.09 kW to 0.75 kW, VECTOR eco solves simple conveying applications fast and efficiently. It has been designed for modular transport belts, packaging machines or for mixer applications.

Thanks to the sturdy aluminium housing, protection class IP44, its "socket suitability " as well as operating elements such as the set-value potentiometer and main power switch, the VECTOR eco is perfectly suitable and excellent for workstations with manual labour and picking stations.

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