Decentralized Motorstarter - ALU

Fields of application: Conveyor Technology, Intralogistics Facilities, Transfer Systems, Material transport in Production facilities, Airport logistics, Transport logistics and Central Warehouse
Power Output: 0.75kW / 3.0kW
Product: Frequency inverter VECTOR - ALU

Product description

Brilliantly simple: the frequency inverter VECTOR-ALU. This sturdy frequency inverter can be installed and integrated in virtually any position and can be mounted directly decentralized on the machine carrier. Its slim and compact design, as well as the high protection class IP54 can be fitted in any conveyor system. In this way, complex machine structures can be clearly designed.

The frequency inverter VECTOR-ALU works as a fully digital frequency inverter and can control a 3-phase asynchronous motor up to 3.0 kW.

The connected motor can be monitored by means of a built-in PTC or PTO.
Due to the standardized DESINA-wiring, a built-in motor plug helps to connect the VECTOR-ALU to the motor in an easy and quick way.

The power supply can be carried out by means of different and energy-independent energy bus systems. For this, we offer built-in cable terminals or AC plugs.

The built-in M12 plugs ensure an easy connection of two sensors (i.e. photoelectric beams) as well as bus communication.

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