Smart Field Automation

Cross sections: 2.5 / 4/6 mm²
Accessories: Power distribution for the Field Drive System®

Product description

The innovative functional principle of the Power Box as a power bus system reduces installation costs and shortens downtime and maintenance time. The power bus contact is designed for globally available commercial round cables with finely stranded wires of 2.5 to 6 mm². The pluggable insulation displacement connection makes installation at the cable particularly easy and secure. VIA "PUSH IN" contacts outgoing or feeder conductors from 0.5 to10 mm² can be connected.

The ever-expanding products family provides further service functions to the Power Box such as: an integrated maintenance switch, power supplies, motor starter, frequency inverter, electrical outlets or the fuse branch-off with failure indication.  All functions are modular and freely combinable, so that the usual decentralized topology is continued.



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