Frequency Inverter VECTOR basic

Field of application: Conveyor systems, Conveyor belts, roller belts, packaging machines and honey extractors
Power Output: 0.37 kW

Product description

Additionally to the standard model, the frequency inverter VECTOR Basic-POT is equipped with an integrated set-value potentiometer. This model also offers you all the necessary features you need for reliable speed control of asynchronous motors. With a substantial added value and no less.
The mounting assistant, the PUSH-IN terminals and the preset device parameters, enable incredibly short mounting and start-up times. The 7-segment LED screen displays all device settings, to allow for comfortable readings even when access to the device is hindered.

Thanks to the built-in set value potentiometer, setting the motor speed no longer requires function keys but is realised by the rotary potentiometer which enables continuous adjustment.

The integrated EMV-Filter enables you to connect unshielded motor cables of up to 1 metre in length to each asynchronous motor in compliance with the strict industrial EMV-Standards. This will help you help you to save time and costs during the assembly process. There is an EMV set available for shielded motor wires. The integrated restart-stop device prevents the restart of the VECTOR basic in case of voltage line loss after releasing the EMERGENCY STOP button. The VECTOR basic therefore complies with the respective machine guideline without any additional cost.

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