Three-phase AC motors

Fields of application: Mechanical engineering, Compressors, Fans, Conveyor Systems, Transfer lines
Power output: 0.06kW – 0.75kW

Product description Three-Phase-AC motors IE1

The models for the 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole motors are featured in temperature class F, up to design heights of 315 the models are featured in temperature class B. Furthermore, these are perfectly suited for the operation with our frequency inverters. The motor protection with three PTC's is factory-guaranteed. Our motors are designed for the continuous operation S1 and comply with protection type IP55.

The IE1 motors can be manufactured in the various basic configurations B3, B5 and can also be built up to design size 132 in the B14 and B34 configurations. Upon request, we also deliver customized special flanges or stainless steel adapting flanges. The motor models of design sizes 63 to 132 are presented as "Multi-Mounting" motors and feature unscrewable feet, which can also be screwed-in laterally. This way the position of the terminal box can be left or right.

Options: all motors can be equipped with a Fan, an Encoder or a stopping brake, and are also available in the corresponding execution as ATEX-Motors.

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