Fields of application: Material Handling Technology, Intralogistics facilities, drives, Winder drives, Pumps, Fans, Lift drives, Sectional gates
Power output: 0.09kW – 15.0kW

Product description worm gear MS-CH-Q

The worm gear series MS-CH-Q is characterized by a compact design and has been optimized to allow for convenient and space-saving assembly. Thanks to a simple but effective design, there is a considerable gain in assembly space in comparison to other gear types. Furthermore, the torques are transmitted nearly noise-free. Our worm-geared drive motors feature a standardized hollow input shaft, as well as normed flange measurements according to IEC or NEMA.


To round off the series, the version's extension features an extended worm shaft as a provision to mount a hand wheel. As an alternative we also offer a double worm gear unit.

As an option, all worm gears can be supplied in the ATEX version and with an anticorrosive surface coating, with food grade oil and further individualized variables.


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