Fields of application: Material Handling Technology, Intralogistics Facilities, Drives, Winder drives, Pumps, Fans, Lifting drives, Stage drives and Theater drives
Power output: 0.12kW – 4.0kW

Product description Helical gear MS-CH

The sturdy helical gears are featured in a modular installation setup and can flexibly be applied in most applications. Thanks to features such as low noise, high output torques, high reliability and easy cleaning, the helical gear units can be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Helical gears are available with torque values of up to 600 Nm. With a high efficiency rate at any input speed these helical gear units are highly energy efficient. As an option, helical gears can be ordered in the configurations B5 or B14.

Helical gears can be furnished with mineral oil, synthetic oil or with food grade oil. Application-specific drive flanges or adapting flanges can be ordered as per customer wish.


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