Fields of application: Material Handling Technology, Intralogistics facilities, drives, Winder drives, Pumps, Fans, Lift drives, Sectional gates
Power output: 0.09kW – 4.0kW

Product description worm gear MS-CH-R

The round worm gears MS-CH-R are characterized by their compact design and have been optimized to allow for convenient and space-saving assembly. Furthermore, the torques are transmitted almost noise-free. For a simple and safe machine integration, these worm gears feature a standardized hollow input shaft, as well as standardized flange measurements according to IEC or NEMA.

To round off the series, the version's extension features an extended worm shaft as a provision to mount a hand wheel.

As an option all worm gears can be supplied in the ATEX version and with an anticorrosive surface coating, with food grade oil and further individualized variables.


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